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Food discount and free anti-waste application.

Immerse yourself in the world of discount food with HelpMyFood: unique local promotions, discounts on quality offers, thanks to our free, no-surprise anti-waste application. With HelpMyFood, discover the best of food clearance and support local businesses.

Explore HelpMyFood solutions tailored to your needs

Daily fresh produce

Discover local treasures. Freshness and quality directly from your local merchants.

Last minute offers

Take advantage of exceptional discounts. The food discount for smart purchases.

Act for the planet

Join our fight against waste. Every purchase counts for a sustainable future.

Local commerce

Strengthen the local economy. Your purchase supports professionals in your neighborhood.

Food discount and transparent anti-waste

Escalating inflation and rising energy costs are shrinking family budgets, forcing reductions in food spending. At the same time, local merchants are under pressure due to falling demand and margins, sometimes leading to excess stock. This situation creates a paradox where individuals struggle to access top quality food while merchants suffer losses and can sometimes throw away food that is still edible.

HelpMyFood, the food clearance solution

Aware of these paradoxes and eager to offer a concrete solution, we created the HelpMyFood food discount platform. Local businesses can promote their products with discounts of at least 30%, while consumers have access to fresh and affordable food. Our apps therefore offer a win-win solution. They resolve consumers’ dilemma between saving and eating well, while helping retailers reduce their surpluses and increase their visibility.

Food discount:
Discounts for consumers

HelpMyFood offers its users access to quality products at reduced prices via food clearance offers, thus increasing purchasing power. In a difficult economic context, our free anti-waste application makes it possible to maintain quality consumption without impacting the family budget.

Food discount: Reductions for consumers versus Food clearance: A growth lever for professionals

Food clearance:
A growth lever for professionals

On the other hand, HelpMyFood proves to be an essential tool for merchants. By highlighting their food promotions through our merchant app, they directly reach an engaged local customer base, thereby reducing the risk of losses and optimizing their turnover.

Two distinct applications: Savings for Consumers, Opportunities for Merchants

At HelpMyFood, we understand that our users’ needs are diverse. That’s why we’ve developed two separate apps, each specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our two user groups: consumers and merchants.

For individuals: Free anti-waste application and food discount
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For individuals
Anti-waste and food discount app

Our application for individuals “HelpMyFood anti-waste” is designed to facilitate your daily purchases. It offers you direct access to exclusive local promotions, allowing you to benefit from fresh, quality products at reduced prices. Easily navigate through a multitude of reductions and food discount offers, and make your purchases in just a few clicks, while supporting businesses in your neighborhood.

For Merchants
Promotions management app

The second application “HelpMyFood for Merchants” is dedicated to professionals. It offers them a powerful tool to manage their promotions, distribute their offers and thus reach a wider audience. This application simplifies the promotion of their products, inventory management and therefore interaction with local and engaged customers. It is designed to help businesses increase their visibility and sales.

For Merchants: Application for managing promotions and food clearance.
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Together, these two applications form a complete ecosystem where consumers and professionals can interact effectively. HelpMyFood is further committed to providing an optimal user experience, whether you are looking for the best food discount promotions or want to grow your local business.

In a world in full transformation, HelpMyFood is establishing itself more than ever as an essential food discount platform. We thus offer a strategic response to current economic difficulties, allowing consumers to save intelligently and merchants to flourish despite the challenges. Together, let’s build a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Anti-waste revolution: Transparent food discount

Anti-waste revolution: Transparent food discount and significant reductions

The specificity of HelpMyFood also lies in our promise of total transparency in food clearance offers. Unlike traditional surprise basket models, which often leave consumers uncertain about the content of their promotional purchases, we guarantee complete visibility on each product. You know exactly what you’re getting, eliminating unwanted surprises and building confidence.

Positive impact and informed choices in discount food

This transparency plays a crucial role in reducing food waste. Thus, by consciously choosing products in discount food promotions, consumers help save quality foods that would otherwise go to waste, while benefiting from attractive discounts. It is an approach that promotes both the environment and purchasing power thanks to food clearance and smart purchasing.

By using the free anti-waste application HelpMyFood, you are taking part in a movement towards more conscious and sustainable consumption. Discover on our dedicated page how our commitment to transparency in food discount offers and the fight against waste creates a positive impact on society and the environment.

Support for local businesses through food clearance

Continuing our mission at HelpMyFood, we place paramount importance on supporting local merchants. Our platform is not only a way for consumers to save money through food discount offers; it also represents a vital opportunity for neighborhood businesses. By highlighting their products and offering them an additional showcase, we actively contribute to their growth and sustainability.

Each professional partner benefits from increased visibility with an engaged and aware clientele. HelpMyFood creates bridges between local businesses and consumers, thus promoting a dynamic and prosperous commercial ecosystem. Our goal is first of all to create a win-win partnership. Businesses can efficiently sell their surpluses while offering consumers quality products at advantageous prices through food discount or anti-waste offers for short-date products.

We are proud to work with a diverse range of merchants, each bringing their unique expertise and quality products. From the corner grocery store to local producers, HelpMyFood is committed to promoting the diversity and richness of local offers.

To learn more about how HelpMyFood supports local businesses and the benefits of becoming a merchant partner, visit our dedicated “Services for Merchants” page. Find out how we can help you grow your business, attract new customers and strengthen your presence in the local market.

Support for local businesses through food clearance and reductions

Applications for food clearance and recovery of unsold goods

In these times when every gesture counts, HelpMyFood positions itself as a key player in the transformation of our consumption habits. As individuals, this is an opportunity to make substantial savings while making responsible choices. For retailers, this is a unique opportunity to effectively manage their inventory, increase their visibility and support a dynamic local economy.

Food clearance applications for significant reductions and recovery of unsold items

For Consumers: Download the HelpMyFood anti-waste app and start exploring food reduction offers in your area today. Find out how to save on your purchases while contributing to a more sustainable future.

For Professionals: Install the “HelpMyFood for traders” application and join a growing community of committed professionals. Take advantage of a platform that promotes your products and supports your commercial activity, without financial constraints.

With HelpMyFood, each purchase becomes a positive action for your wallet and for the planet. Together, let’s redefine the future of food consumption – one promotion, one purchase, one reduction at a time.

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